CEZAR CHIRILA Projects and Articles

Two-bay NAS based on the RPi Compute Module 4

Personal Project (WIP): Two-bay NAS based on the RPi Compute Module 4 which uses the ASMedia AS1061 PCIe to SATA bridge to be able to connect two drives, either 3.5'/2.5' HDD or 2.5' SSD.

Article written at Ignys for The AI Journal regarding software development best practices

Ignys article: Article regarding software development practices that I have written whilst being employed by Ignys.

Thermal Imaging Camera using a MLX90621 sensor

Diploma Project: Budget Thermal Imaging Camera Using a Far Infrared Sensor. Specifications: IR Resolution - 16x4, STM32F446 µC, 1.8' LCD display, USB port (data and charging), 1000mAh Li-Po

Function Generator with Analog Devices’ AD9833

AllAboutCircuits Article: Learn how to make your own arbitrary waveform generator using an ATmega328p, a DDS function generator IC, an op-amp, a few passives, and some hard work.

Do-It-Yourself Soldering Station with an ATmega8

AllAboutCircuits Article: The mighty soldering iron. If you need one, want one, or just love to build stuff, then this project is for you.

Optical Spectrometer

My implementation of an Optical Spectrometer using a STM32F103 board and a custom 3D-printed enclosure that contains a diffraction grating. This was an entry for SSET. Most of it is based on another project by Esben Rossel, a danish high school chemistry teacher.

How to build a class D power amplifier

AllAboutCircuits Article: The mighty Class-D amplifier—build one yourself and be amazed by its efficiency. The heat sink barely gets warm!

Driving LED arrays with a microcontroller

AllAboutCircuits Article: Learn the basics of LED arrays and how to power them using a microcontroller. Check my LED table for a practical implementation of what is written in the article.

House-Monitoring Framework with Arduino and Raspberry Pi

AllAboutCircuits Article: So you have a Raspberry Pi and an Arduino and you want to develop a system to monitor and control your home. If I'm reading your mind correctly, after you're done reading this article you will be able to do exactly what you want.

DIY Arduino-Based Sous-Vide Machine

AllAboutCircuits Article: Build your very own sous-vide machine and get perfectly cooked meals with high-precision temperature control. Grab your Arduino, a rice cooker, and a temperature sensor and let's get started.

Arduino LED Coffee Table

Using the knowledge that I shared on my "Driving LED arrays" article, I built a simple LED table using an ATMEGA328 microcontroller. The most difficult part was building the table itself and putting all the leds manually in their place.

Prusa i3 - FDM 3D Printer

The printer is a Prusa i3 rework. I built it following the reprap project using mostly scavanged parts. A BOM can be found on the blog post. Not the best design (although some might argue) but well suited for a first printer.

ESP8266 Arduino Webserver

A sketch with a simple modified webserver for the ESP8266 AT firmware using an arduino.

LED Light Organ

This is a project I did way back in 2010. It is a light organ on three channels. Schematic drawn by Collin @ MakeMagazine